Now available: The Waves of Change

Now available, The Waves of Change, a Bournemouth Writing Prize 2021 anthology, published by Fresher Publishing.

This is a beautiful collection of short stories and poetry, exploring change and the human response to it in both a physical and emotional sense. Curated and published during what must be one of the most universally life-changing times in recent history, the book provides snapshots of love, loss, bravery and joy. It also happens to contain both the winning short story and poetry entries to The Bournemouth Writing Prize 2021, The Wake by Berlin-based Irish writer Alan Murrin, and ‘poetry, n’ by the poet and Beowulf scholar CT Mills. Plus the highly commended A Guide to Keeping Birds by Anne O’Leary. An absolute treat, it is available for just £6.99 from Amazon.

With thanks to all contributors to The Waves of Change: Stuart Arnold; Eimear Arthur; Les Clarke; Georgia Cowley; Penny Dedman; Jess Fallon-Ford; Diane Floyd-Smith; Alice Fowler; Tony Gillam; Whitney Glover; Jason Cashman; Richard Hooton; Aoife Khan; Kodiak; Victoria Helen Loftus; Tracey Mahoney; CT Mills; Alan Murrin; Nikki Nova; Chijioke John Ojukwu; Anne O’Leary; Emma Ormond; Laura Potts; Ashley Robertson; Bhagath Subramanian; Chloe Tonge; Lesley Webb; and Bethany Wren.