RE: Fresher Literary Magazine


RE: Fresher is a literary magazine focusing on re-imagining “tropes” in story and character. In our quarterly issues, we collect inspiration from a chosen theme and hope to explore what we see as a “trope”.

We welcome submissions re-imagining, relating, and refreshing the given theme. For this issue, our trope reflects the growing cold, mysterious landscapes, and fading sun–the theme is “Reluctant Hero”!

We hope this theme inspires you! You are welcome to re-imagine the prompt or incorporate it how you wish, as long as it relates to our issue’s trope, it’s considered!

RE: Fresher accepts submissions of poems, short stories, flash fiction, personal essays, photographs, and illustrations inspired by our current prompt. We are only welcoming AUB and BU student and staff submissions at this time.

Our current prompt is: Reluctant Hero

Submissions will close February 16, 2024.

*Our response time is 1-2 weeks after our closing date. If you don’t hear from us within 3 weeks, feel free to reach out to

Not everything can fit in our issue, but don’t let that discourage you! We will respond to all submissions, whether they are included in our issue or not.

After reading our guidelines, please send submissions directly to with a short author bio (up to 75 words) in the third person.