Build a world

When you write your story, you don’t just write about what happens to the characters.

You also make up a whole new world.

It could be a land that’s made up of sweets or chocolate, or maybe a world where cars fly and people teleport.

Here are a few questions to help you create your own imaginary world: 


  • Do your characters have magical abilities?
    For example, can they turn invisible? Can they run at the speed of lightning? What other magical powers can you think of for your characters? Don’t forget, you can do anything in your world!
  • What do your characters do in their spare time?
    Is this a world where the characters read in their free time? Do they like playing sports? Or do they enjoy exciting adventures across the world you have created?
  • Is there something in your story that isn’t possible in the real world?
    Is there time travel? Or maybe magic to control things? Don’t be afraid to make your own world as different from any other as you can.
  • Are there any rules in your imaginary world?
    For example, a rule can be that everybody walks backwards, so they don’t see what’s behind them at all. Rules help readers understand why your world is different and help them make sense of what is happening.

You may want to imagine building a world as building a house. Brick by brick. Rule by rule. The more creative you are, the more original your story world will be.

Anything is possible in your world. You just need to write it down.

(image courtesy of vladstudio)