The longlist for the BWP Short Story category is announced

After much enjoyment, some debate, and a rather late night (!), we can finally reveal the longlist for the Bournemouth Writing Prize Short Story category for 2022.

It has been far from easy. As Emma Scattergood, Fresher’s Editorial Director, said: ‘We had a fabulous response to the Prize again this year, with such a huge number of excellent stories, covering a real range of topics and genres. Whittling them down to the agreed 30 was just too hard, so we ended up squeezing another one onto the list as well!’

Congratulations to everyone who has been listed here. The Shortlist will be announced in roughly two weeks time. Keep an eye out on social media!

The Bournemouth Writing Prize 2022 Short Story Longlist

Conducting by Jack Fenton

Father’s Day by Chris Cottom

Home Home by Niamh Donnellan

Home Schooling by Shannon Savas

Homecoming Annie Q Syed

Home Stead by Joan O’Sullivan

Judgement by Richard Hooton

Love Apples by Liz Houchin

Mixology by Susan Finlay

Nagoya by Ronan Ryan

Perpendicular Road by Mohammed Rizwan

Pieces Of Her Child  by Chris Edwards-Pritchard

Postscript  by Anne O’Brien

Ragdoll by Aisling Watters

Reunion  by Bernie McQuillan

Screaming Dogfight with the Light by Richard Hooton

Sunday on The Boulevard with my Pet Lobster by Dale Hurst

Spread Those Wings and Fly by Hannah Storm

The Boy on the Bike by Henry Tydeman

The Boy Who Fell out of the Tree by Penny Frances

The Flood by Xenobe Purvis

The Flowers at the Foot of her Bed by Paul B Cohen

The Man Who Loves Tchaikovsky Beats his Wife: A Symphony in Four Movements  by Sara Keating

The Prescription by Terry Kerins

The Rediscovery of Fire by Chris Wright

The Rescue Dog by David Butler

The Soul is a Separate Thing from the Body by Kate McCarthy

The Specific Ocean by by Corinna Keefe

The Tooth Fairy by Petra Lindner

Up by Neil Tully

Walking with William Butler by Jennifer Armstrong