The Shortlist for The BWP Poetry category is announced

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for the Bournemouth Writing Prize Poetry category 2022. Congratulations to all.

It was, as ever, extremely hard to whittle it down, so we have gone for a rather long shortlist this year, but we are hopeful that you will forgive us!


Bournemouth Writing Prize Poetry Shortlist 2022

 Acrylic Eyes Yellowing Under Strip Lights in Acton by Ben Verinder

Asylum by Anna Seidel

All in the Meaning by Alison Nuorto

Caramel by Lucy Pearce

Daddy by Anna Seidel

Dainty by Faith McNamara

Dotted Line by Milie Fiirgaard Rasmussen

Eastern by Elena Croitoru

Hecuba by Kenneth Hickey

I was walking Corso Magenta by Jonathan Parker

Ménage à Trois by Ekaterina Crawford

Molding by Milie Fiirgaard Rasmussen

Mother and Child by Denise O’Hagan

My Love, My Violin by Martyn Smiles

On Kerrera Island by Sharon Black

Outtakes from Teenage Cantos by Kit Ingram

Proustian Moment by Anna Seidel

Revisiting the Island by Sharon Black

The Stuffed Minimalist  by Roan Ellis-O’Neill

Sirocco by Donka Kostadinova

Survivor by Tiffany Carrington

Taxidermy by Anna Seidel

The Owl Man by SP Thane

The Party and the Pie by Peter Storey

Thought-Washing by Denise O’Hagan

Today by Viktoria Filipova

Waiting for a Small Boat Coming in by Jennie Turnbull

Woman, Mother, Other by Lucy Pearce

Zimbelstern by Charles Penty