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Can’t find the right words?

We all find it very hard to say what is on our minds with the right words. When it comes to writing, it can be even harder.

But there is no obstacle we can’t conquer.

There are ways to overcome speechless thoughts, and we have a few tips for you here:

  • Use a thesaurus. You can try describing what you want to say, and look up words that are similar to the ones you’ve said.
  • Take a break. Go for a walk. Play some games. Maybe have a little snack. You can always go back to your story, and search for the right expression with a fresh mind.
  • Express yourself otherwise. If the words don’t come to you, maybe the image or the sound does. You can always try to express your thoughts with drawing or playing music.
  • Draw a mind-map. You might surprise yourself with a complete mind-map. You can start with an easy word, like school, and carry on writing down everything you think of when school comes to mind. It’s impossible for inspiration to miss you.

There is hardly anything more frustrating than when you are searching for the right words to express yourself.

But don’t forget, inspiration will come to you in time.

Have a great time writing.

(Image courtesy of fireyourmentor.com)