Young Writer’s Prize Shortlist Announced

We had such a wonderful response to our new look Young Writers Prize this year, with entries from Dunster to Denmark, and even New Zealand! Thank you all for your submissions. It has been a hard task to whittle so many clever stories and poems down to a short shortlist but we have finally done it – and here it is!

All of these entries are now in the hands of the fabulous novelist Ali Sparkes, who has the VERY tricky job of choosing the winners.

(PS, if your name isn’t on the list, please don’t feel sad – everything entered was really good, so we had to make some tough decisions. Keep writing and try again next year!)

Years 3 and 4

The Golden Mange by Guru Kashyap

The Queen, the Corgis and the Missing Sixpence by Halwyn Purser

The Environment by Evelyn Chia

The Morning Before Christmas by Rosanna Barnett

My Thoughts on Covid by Ellis Hutley

Dawn by Bea Sharpe

Wonderful Winter by Nate Hutley

Lila and her Spaceship by Amelia Jia Yee Kan

Daydream Dave by Maya Leome Turner

Through Others’ Eyes by Mazzy Sleep

Bouncing Back by Vedantika Chakraborty

The Lost Jug by Mira Farris-Thomas

Lost in the Wild by Finley Cox

Robbery on Roseberry Avenue by Noah Clarke

Stop Fidgeting by Anoushka Arun

Dinosaurs Need Tissues Too by Eleanor Suckling

Rainbowvill by Eva Noraine

The Gingerbread Man Horror by Denny Mills

The Adventures of Sophie Wild by Elena Lange

Gealky by Chloe Ebbrell


Years 5 and 6

A Rescue on High Seas by Mihika Bhattacharya

Julia by Alannah Griffiths

Turnip by Himani Wyldbore-Wood

How to Meet Your Idol by Kitty Tyack

Unfolding by Laila Barnett

Fight Against Fear by Aimee Bezer

The Furniture Apocalypse by Martha Orson

Old, Brown Slippers by Lucy Harrison

The Vegetarian Viking by Dylan Port

My Magic Pencil by Max Bowler

The Magical Hula-Hoop by Medina Robson

I Remember it Well by Medeea Maties

Digital Dimension by Michael Coste

The Backwards Jumping Bunny by Emily Liu

A Day in the Life of Bleep by Kieran Ho

Can Birds Have Dreams by Igor Cherniavtsev

As the Stormy Clouds Loomed by Erin Hosier-Wood

Bouncing Back by Caitlyn Chung

Bogis the Swan Thief by Jesse Roberts

What the Moon Dreams by Phoebe Crow