Fresher Writing Prize 2015 – The Awards

What a brilliant night we had at the Fresher Writing Awards on May 21st! The Shelley Theatre in Bournemouth was packed with people from the publishing world including new writers, established authors, our judges, the executive board and excited friends and family. Author Ali Sparkes kicked off the proceedings by announcing shortlist for the Writing Wizardry competition, (which, in the absence of winner Tia Finch, was picked up by the Writing Witches themselves!) and we were then treated to a rollercoaster of awards and readings, from the touching and unsettling piece of non-fiction from winner Sarah Goudge to the mesmerising performance of the winning short story Inner, by its writer, Adam Blampied.

It was a fabulous launch for our anthology Fresher Writing 2015, which is now available on Kindle.

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