Fresher Writing Prize 2018 Shortlist – The Short Story

Fresher Writing Prize Shortlist 

Short Story Category

Thank you so much to all of you who entered our Monster-themed short story competition. Congratulations to the following writers for making the shortlist:

A Night to Remember by Kirsty Bendter

And We Dance by Stephanie Butcher

Monsters by Kate High

The Ghosts of the Night by Silva Chege

The List by Grace Cullen

Epoch Al by Kieran Graves

A Memoir by Alice Van Raalte

Blue Blips by Courtney Hayes

Defeat by Daisy Carling-Rose

The Shimmer Made Us by Zane Osina

Crow by Malcolm Pope

Anonymous by Amber Lightfoot

Dragonfly by Katy Kaminarides

Mirror by Wesley Schulte

Esme by Sebastien Reynaud

The Siren Flower by Andrea Stephenson

The Town’s Grim Reaper by Sam Milligan

Ian by Claire Wilson

The overall winner will be selected by author Claire Fuller and final results published in June.