Fresher Writing Prize 2019 Shortlist – The Short Story

Fresher Writing Prize Shortlist

Short Story Category

A big thank you to all of you who entered our Peace-themed short story competition this year. Congratulations to the following writers for making the shortlist:

Family Matters by Martina Nesi

A Lousy Guide to Healing by Emily Dudley

An Unconfirmed Appointment by Toni Hunter

Becoming Lesbian by Elenia Graf

All I See by Ellie Howkins

The Curse of the City of Jasmine by Katie Dancey

Finding Hope by Lizzie Rosewell

Homeless by Sian Smallman

I Was Once a Forest by Freya Norley

Retribution by Luke Weaser Seychell

Mouse Trap by Katrin Mahfuz

Mum by Hannah Old

Our Little Secret by Jenny Williams

Eleven by Sian Ruffell

The Battered Mind by Richard Hiron

The Theorist by Alice Parsons

Wine Tasting by Imogen Stead

Slainte Mhath by Kelsey Regan

Flight of Angels by Steve Wade

A Price for Peace by Jason Cashmen

An Online Obsession by Will Vallins

For the Fresher Writing Poetry shortlist, please refer to this post.

The overall winner of the Fresher Writing Prize 2019 will be selected by our panel of judges (Anna Mazzola, Humfrey Hunter, Antony Dunn, and Emma Scattergood) and final results will be published soon after.