Listen: Acoustics by Prize winning poet, Stephanie Ginger

Stephanie GingerStephanie Ginger won the Fresher Writing Prize for Poetry 2016 with her poem Pansies. This, along with all of the other shortlisted entries including Acoustics, can be found in the Fresher Writing 2016 anthology which can be purchased via our Books page.

Stephanie recently recorded a podcast of her poetry with us at Bournemouth University, an excerpt of which can be listened to here.




Emerging from a drift of bedclothes
to float in the ether of other thoughts;
too exhausted to connect with either man or memory.

Daylight. Too bright to hear the transparency
of lacewings, a bird of paradise unravel, the pop
of a seeded bursting; to illuminate the creak
of the Earth’s backbone as it leans towards the sun.

At Epidavros, in the pooling darkness of limestone,
engraved in the chink of silver on the stage far below,
you can hear the silence of oracles, the tip of an icicle melt,
the fizz of expectation in my adolescent eye.