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  • Vote for your favourite Fresher Writing 2016 front cover

    Vote for your favourite Fresher Writing 2016 front cover

    We have some fantastic choices of front cover design for this year’s book. But we want you to vote for your favourite. Click on the link below and see which design floats your vote! You have until midnight Wednesday 16th March. Winner announced this Thursday. http://rmunday.polldaddy.com/s/fresher-book-covers

  • Can’t find the right words?

    Can’t find the right words?

    We all find it very hard to say what is on our minds with the right words. When it comes to writing, it can be even harder. But there is no obstacle we can’t conquer. There are ways to overcome speechless thoughts, and we have a few tips for you here: Use a thesaurus. You…

  • Think Outside the Box!

    Think Outside the Box!

    There are two directions a narrative can go in: linear and non-linear. For a narrative to follow a linear style means for it to go in the order of Beginning, Middle and End. So, for a narrative to follow a non-linear style means that you can place the story in whichever order you wish! Whether you choose…

  • Exploring Characters

    Exploring Characters

    When creating and writing about a character, imagine them as real and try to get to know them. A way of exploring your characters in as much detail as needed is by creating a table. Try to structure your table like this: Character Name Appearance Personality Favourite Saying  Favourite Food Sally Long brown hair, blue eyes,…

  • Competition Launch

    The day has arrived! We are excited to announce that today marks the launch of the Fresher Writing Prize and Writing Wizardry Prize 2016. This is a fantastic opportunity to help new writers get their foot onto the ladder and get their work out there, and for younger writers to win their height in books and have…